product care

the materials used are chosen with the utmost care, and their handcrafted advocacy makes them irregular and individual. if you follow our product care suggestions, your handbag should age gracefully.

to prolong the luxury of your rorin handbag we suggest the following:

  •  keep your handbag in the dust bag provided as often as you can, to protect it from being marked when not in use.
  • take extra care with lighter color leathers, which tend to blemish more easily. they are susceptible to discoloration, try to avoid contact with darker items.
  • do not overfill your handbag, as it may lose shape or you may damage its handles.

should your product get wet, wipe with a soft cloth and allow to dry at room temperature. we advise stuffing handbags to help keep their shape while drying.  we recommend that you keep your product away from heat, harsh light, materials that could transfer their pigments and oil or alcohol based substances.

do not expose your accessory to oil, makeup or permanent dyes, as these can stain. In the event your accessory is soiled – other than with permanent dyes – try gently dabbing the leather with a clean, dry cloth and mild leather cream

distinctive leather facts & care

hair on hide

we select the finest, luxurious hair on hide calfskins for our handbags. as with all natural skins, a small amount of color discrepancy is normal and you will notice that the hair will eventually shed, which is a natural element of hair on hide materials.


each leather skin may have varying characteristics depending on the color, texture, and other variable compositions. over time you may see creasing or color alter that are natural features of leather. if leather is consistently exposed to harsh light, the product may experience partial fading. we recommend that when not using your handbag store it in its protective dust bag for preservation.


to assure your handbag remains looking its best, avoid contact with moisture and excessive heat and always store in its protective dust bag. suede can be cleaned with a soft brush, but we don’t recommend using any chemical cleaning products.